Royally Stylish

According to reports, Kate famously caught Prince William’s eye in 2002, while they were students at the University of St. Andrews. Kate modelled the “see through dress” in the college charity fashion show called “Don’t Walk” sponsored by Yves St Laurent. The dress sold for just over $125,000on the 17th March 2011.

Designer Charlotte Todd with her See Through Dress, which was originally meant to be a skirt.

The dress, by former student Charlotte Todd, was inspired by the charity show’s theme “the art of seduction.” According to Robin Givhan, a special correspondent for style and culture for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Todd’s interest was in textiles, but as a result of the fashion show, she needed to make it into a garment.

What distinguishes Middleton’s dress (and that term is being used loosely here) is its lack of seductive finesse. It’s a look-at-me, sexual shout-out, reflecting both the youth of the wearer—Middleton is now 29—and the culture of its times. It resembles the sort of going-out garb young women weaned on Sex and the City might choose. It recalls Carrie Bradshaw’s blurring of the lines between high fashion, low style, and kooky costume: a cultural moment when bra straps were accessories, tutus became skirts, and a pair of knit knickers were perfectly acceptable “pants” for a night trawling the clubs -Robin Givhan

Since she began dating the Prince, the future princess has found herself on several best-dressed lists. She also pursued a career fashion by working at the fashion retailer Jigsaw.

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Photos: The Telegraph Fashion


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